By Charlie Doherty

Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul is a doctor in America and a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination. It is a common saying that when researching his ideas and reading his books you will never go back to politics as usual. He is for free market capitalism and one of his main ideas is to “End the fed”. He believes when and if he gets into office he will audit the Federal Reserve, and in turn uncover all it dirty dealing and fraudulent activities of this corporate organization. He wants to completely reverse America’s foreign policy and shut down and depart from any military action outside of mainland United States.  He believes that America’s foreign policy of torture has resulted in perpetual bloodshed and results in the formation terrorist groups.


Ron Paul is the only republican presidential nominee who is against foreign intervention in other countries, as a result of this he receives more donations from active duty military personnel service members than all of the other republican candidates combined. His donations reach 36,739.79 thousand dollars and this by far outweighs even that of the Commander and Chief President Barack Obamas donation of 28,833.99 thousand dollars. Ron Paul is the armed forces choice.


Throughout the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination Ron Paul has been ignored and shunned of by mainstream media. But the reaction of the media does not reflect the voters at the polls. The fact is that he came in second in New Hampshire and third in Iowa. Despite this the media has maintained a dislike to Ron Paul and his polices. In some case when talking about election results some commentators don’t even admit that he is running for office. In the case of the Iowa straw Poll the reporting of Rick Santorum overshadowed Ron Paul even though he didn’t even get half the votes that Paul had received. In a poll by Fox News who had voters from 26 different countries, asked if Ron Paul is being ignored by the media? The results showed 97% of people said yes he is being ignored. This has been described as an elusive ploy by most political analysis in America.