By Charlie Doherty


This was the third and probably final fight between Pacquiao and Márquez.

Manny Pacquiao who was defending his championship belt, had left the ring wearing it around his waist. But a large majority of his own supporters and fans were in disbelief surrounding the circumstances of how obtained it.


In the Las Vegas Super fight Pacquiao the Filipino had won a majority decision against the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez. Throughout the fight Marquez fighting style completely out boxed the 10 to 1 favourite. With his constant counter punching, it looked like the Mexican was more prepared for the fight than his opponent. In previous bouts the Mexican has always been a thorn in Pacquiaos s

ide being the only boxer ever to beat the Filipino. Marquez landed more powerful punches in this fight on a somewhat out of sync Pacquiao.  As the final bell rang commentators and press believed this to be an overwhelming Marquez win and maybe a slight chance of a draw. But were shocked to see when Pacquiao arm being raised in victory. After this decision the crowd booed relentlessly. From the expression on the Filipino face he felt as disillusioned with the decision as well.