National Defence authorization act was signed on New Year’s Eve by President Barack Obama. This is an act stating that army has the power to arrest any American citizen inside the US and hold them indefinitely.

This is something his supporters in his last campaign would have not of excepted, being that one of his campaign promises was that he was going to close Guantanamo detainment camp in Cuba.

To pass this Act the American government repelled 1878 The Posse Comitatus Act, which now allows the military to take over police duties. This act also means anyone can be arrested without charges and with no due process. The language in the act is broad and vague, which means the definition on who actually is and enemy of the state can be anyone who the government perceives as a threat. This has been called by some the “No Bill Of Rights”. The timing of this act falls speciously around the Occupy movement protest happening around America.

The media has been surprisingly quite about this act and some political analyst suggest that this should be front page news.  The fact that the president of America has been given dictatorial rights mustn’t be news worthy enough.