By Charlie Doherty


On Christmas Day are living rooms are swamped with the packaging from presents, but how much of this paper and cardboard waste filling household bins have come from sustainable sources?

Mattel the largest toy company in the world and the producer of Barbie, have come under scrutiny over past months due to their use of the rapidly disappearing Indonesian rainforest. In June 2011 environmental group Green Peace started a campaign from Los angles to London due to Barbie’s shameful deforestation and mainly their relationship with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a paper and pulp company involved in destroying the Indonesian rainforest including the home of the endangered Sumatran tiger.

Greenpeace’s Campaign included On June 7, Barbie and her Barbaric Bulldozer who had been arrested outside of the Mattel HQ in Los Angeles, after unveiling a giant banner which showed a picture of a scowling Ken doll, and read “Barbie It’s Over. I Don’t Date Girls That Are Into Deforestation.” Fellow activists in London’s Piccadilly Circus also unveiling a similar banner on June 8 followed this.

In Oct after this brutally damaging campaign to its worldwide reputation, Mattel has released a statement explaining that it could no longer allow its supply chains to include products from deforestation. Their toy packaging will no longer come at the expense of the rainforests and tiger habitat. Mattel has decided that having its fingerprints all over the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests is bad for business as well as the planet, and has dropped APP from its production line.